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Books and Conversation Partners on the Journey

I want to share some of the dialogue partners who traveled with me during the six-month sabbatical journey. Soul of Shame - This book, by Dr. Curt Thompson, served as a new interpretive lens to discern how thoroughly shame has been wound around so much of my thinking about myself, others, God, my vocation, my decision-making. I probably need to go through the book once again slowly with a trusted mentor, friend and/or spiritual director. Shame is clearly one of the most unwelcome participants in my story as I look backward, and I believe Jesus is wanting to bring new wineskins for how I relate to him, myself and others. The Gift of Being Yourself - The title sounds self-helpy and pseudo-Christian, but this book is rich and is the type of message I certainly did not hear for the first three decades of my life. David Benner has penned a very accessible guide to help disciples receive - not discover - their identity and true self in Christ. Two helpful practical take-aways were to take re

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