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Pilgrims Looking for the Sun


Pilgrims Looking for the Sun
This weekend across America, our transportation and information highways will glut with millions of eclipse-chasers travelling from the far corners of the globe order to find an unobstructed view along the “total eclipse” zone spanning the United States from Oregon to South Carolina. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment for many. A total eclipse of this nature hasn’t spanned this country for a century, though, the upcoming century holds many such eclipses in store. I myself will be joining the ranks of eclipse-chasers, making a relatively brief journey south to my parent’s property in Sparta, IL, which is comfortably within the totality zone.
I’m a latecomer in educating myself about this rare event. Only after watching two videos (by Smarter Every Day and Vox) and discussing the astronomically phenomenal event with my friend, Kacey, did my eyes begin to open in wonder and amazement at the unique phenomena of a total eclipse. Previously, I thought, oh, I’ll be…

An age-old question


Sitting in a dust heap, his wellspring of tears having long since dried up, words bubbled effortlessly out of the depths of his aching heart and out the door of his dry, cracked lips. 
"Where then is my hope?!"
If there ever was a man to be justified in shouting this query to soul while shaking his fists to the the heavens, Job was that man. 
Having suffered the death of his children, the plundering of his unheralded wealth, and the decimation of his respected image, the ancient near Eastern figure we know today as Job suffered a recession if there ever was one - the original Great Depression seized his soul overnight without warning.
Where is my hope? Where is my hope? Where is my hope? Where is my hope?
No doubt, even if we've never said or written such questions, they lurk in the shadows and caverns of our mysterious and deceitful hearts threatening to enlist armies of anxiety who will march against us. Inquiries into the nature of our hope have the potential to s…