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The Head of a Quarter Dollar

If the Federal Reserve can reach consensus, there will be a new face on the $10 bill in 2020. Not just any face. A woman. Gasp.
I’m excited about this, personally. I believe it’s time for the boy’s club to make room for a girl in the clubhouse. Countless women have proven to be pivotal in our history of forming a more perfect Union. Admittedly, the ranks of Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Lincoln, Franklin, Hamilton, Jackson and Grant seem hard to mess with, but let’s find a way.
With a 2020 redesign of the $10 bill in play, Hamilton’s head was naturally on the chopping block. The movement to displace Alexander Hamilton in favor of a woman had plenty of wind in the sails until Hamilton fever swept the nation. So, now we wait for the Feds to determine whether they’ll put a woman on the new $20 – which may not come until 2030 (apparently counterfeit proof currency creation is a mammoth endeavor these days) – or whether they’ll find an intermediate compromise. Personally, I like the idea…