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Inspired by John's telling of the Story

God, O God!
Creator of the cosmos
Origin of life!
What pain you endured
Your bowels overcome
With agonizing love
a Father severed
from the children he adores
The unthinkable
Unimagined plans!
You couldn't!
You did
Your own life -
You gave
slung up on a Roman tree
shamed, mocked, despised
ridiculed by the ones you cherish
This cannot be
but true it is
for all
man, woman, child
the whole lot of us
and the soil we trod
this felt world, gritty, beautiful
but Your light!
Blazing, brilliant and true
penetrated the darkness
our eyes, if only we'd look
and see
then we would truly see!
And gaze upon a Story
inked in love
penned in grace
written with the punctuation of justice
You overcame all that we could not!
A daddy waits
beckoning his children to come home -
rapturous joy!

Inspired this morning by the Apostle John's words in chapter 3, verse 16.

Words for Tonight with Friends

Imagine, will you This moment a thousand years ago No phones Smart ones? Certainly not. Electricity a dream Fresh baked cookies A fantasy People we remain Beating hearts Thinking minds Moving hands Looking for love Looking for life Is it here? The story evades. This moment true Still Our story.

A working analogy

This morning, while contemplating the origins of the material realm, the following analogy sprouted in my mind.

As a preface, I had some engaging conversation on this subject last year with a Chinese friend. He was curious about Jesus and the teachings of the Christian faith; we had many conversations over Chinese cuisine. One of the first questions he ever asked was: How could a spiritual "God" create a material world of which he was not? Good question.

This morning, the image of a match came to mind. The fire does not know the match yet, but the match exists. The match is an image of God eternal, the living spiritual, self-sufficient Being. But the match can create a flame, sparking a new reality - i.e. an image of the material realm. Now, of course this analogy - as all analogies are prone to do - breaks down. The material world will not consume God as a flame will consume a match :) But it continues. God was not content to let the flame die out, as it will certainly do.…

Shaped Anew

Many fears to persevere
Many fears to die
Many fears to change -
myself to deny

Who can save me from myself?

Only one who has shed these tears
And beckoned me from despair
Into the bright, rolling hills of love
terrestrial Mercy - flesh he bears
Absorbing a torrent of destruction
Releasing a fury of grace
Drench me in this downpour
Cleanse me, no, recreate -
A new sprout in the soils of your lands
Where glory alone from the gardener's hands
Shapes me