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A Story of Two Sons

In Tim Keller’s latest book, I found a 130 page gem that I will undoubtedly carry with me as a close companion for years to come.

I just set it down after reading it on this lazy Sunday morning and I found it to be like a mirror for my soul, exposing some of my deepest longings, darkest corners, wayward motivations and sincere needs. It served to elevate my appreciation and understanding of the material and spiritual unity of our humanity. Keller’s succinct approach in this little nugget has a beautiful simplicity that served as a gateway for me to encounter both eternity in between the lines but also not become weighted down by a cumbersome analysis.

Through this book, the Gospel has expanded both in width and depth in my heart and mind, or rather the book served to lift me up into the skies to capture a fresh perspective of the landscape of God’s beautifully Good News. I am indebted to the gifts found in the words Keller has penned and I can sincerely say that I met with my Savior and…

We're no Brad Pitt, but...

We're starting up a new series at Saturday Night Grace this week, entitled The Curious Case of Every Human. Looks like I'll have the opportunity to get up and share some thoughts on February 21 - Why am I so restless? If you have any thoughts or questions you think I could address, just drop me a note.

Come and check it out. You're always welcome. Any Saturday, 7pm, 141 Wohlers Hall.