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Stuff White People Like

Amber and I spent an hour or so at Borders on Thursday during our date night. It always provokes fun conversations and we walk away with a list of books that we'd like to eventually check out at the library.

One book we ran across was "Stuff White People Like." Hilarious. I had vaguely heard of this collection before, but had not seen the book or a full list of the stuff that white people like. It isn't so much the items necessarily as it is the way that the author describes these items that white people supposedly (read: actually) like.

I thought I'd glance through the list on the website and see what things I "liked" today. Yes, today. All of these...

#115 Promising to Learn a New Language (around 6pm tonight with my brother-in-law and cousin)
#112 Hummus (definitely loved me some hummus today)
#106 Facebook (browsed some friends profiles just a few minutes ago)
#103 Sweaters (wore one today)
#100 Bumper Stickers (had a conversation about that today)
#99 Grammar (found a grammar error while reading TIME today)
#97 Scarves (yep)
#94 Free Healthcare (pretty much)
#90 Dinner Parties (went to one tonight)
#87 Outdoor Performance Clothes (wore some running tights and some Columbia gear today)
#86 Shorts (managed to wear shorts today as cold as it was)
#84 T-Shirts (right now)
#83 Bad Memories of High School (had a brief conversation about that tonight)
#81 Graduate School (Amber is applying now and I'm even thinking about it)
#78 Multilingual Children (thought today about how I'm going to teach my kids all kinds of languages)
#76 Bottles of Water
#64 Recycling (liked that today)
#54 Kitchen Gadgets (today, again)
#44 Public Radio (listened to a piece on NPR about translating works of literature)
#36 Breakfast Places (just had a conversation about what "breakfast place" we'll eat at in the morning - think it'll be La Peep)
#35 The Daily Show/Colbert Report (looked for that on the TV today)
#32 Vegan/Vegetarianism (yup, again today, talking with my bro-in-law about the benefits of this)
#12 Non-Profit Organizations (talked about these today)
#8 Barack Obama (yes, I confess)
#1 Coffee (drank a bit more than normal today, even had some hazelnut biscotti creamer)

ok. that's scary.


Fred said…
Wait, you're thinking about Grad school?

Chairman said…
Did House of Pain make the list? Because one of my long-standing theories is that white people love House of Pain.

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