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Nothing specific

After a period of political turmoil, new leadership in South Africa was appointed today.

Among Motlanthe's moves, he appointed a few new cabinet members, among others, who bring optimism for those hoping to seriously tackle the twin problems of HIV/AIDS and crime in a poverty-riddled nation, where Mbeki failed to adequately address these symptomatic problems.

In other news, we were off at our annual Fall Retreat this weekend in Lowpoint, IL. It was a highpoint of the semester thus far. We flew in Tammy L. Smith from Columbus. She's a firecracker who spits some serious game.

Curious about what the new Pope has to say about Jesus, I picked up his newly published Jesus of Nazareth from the library. So far, so good. Spent a couple hours reading that today as well as some Peterson, who never ceases to dazzle my imagination with his poetic language.

Choosing to Live in Community

is sometimes really hard.

I'm most naturally an extrovert, a gregarious guy, who enjoys sharing life with others. But it's easy to fake "community," yet it's no substitute for true community where we sink our roots deep together in Christ, humbly revealing all of our weaknesses and strengths, our hopes and our fears, our passions and our dreams, giving of ourselves so that others can be more.

Tonight, we're wrapping up our "Fresh" series at Saturday Night Grace and my friend, Jon Dillow, will be talking about this very topic - "Choosing to Live in Community." We've got a few fun things planned, which shouldn't be a distraction, but should help us open ourselves to the deeper beauty of the message from God's heart.

Another Big Bang?

Have you heard about this one? It's been all over the news the past couple days.

Construction of the world's largest particle accelerator was recently completed, a $9 billion project that will enable physicists to shoot electrons and photons and all those other -ons around a tube at ridiculously high velocity. They flipped the switch yesterday to get this geek-party started. The accelerator, located about 300 ft below the earth's surface, is located in France and Switzerland. Scientists are hoping to simulate the conditions found "less than a millionth of a second" after the Big Bang happened.

Does anyone else find it ironic that we are creating the conditions found at the time of the Big Bang?

Personally, I think I'm going to jump in line with some of the critics, who claim "that the experiment could lead to the creation of a black hole capable of swallowing the planet." Sweet.

Even better, maybe they'll create another Big Bang and we'll have a…

John 6:68

To what source of truth
can a man today turn?
The soundbytes collide
in chaos as I listen
But the voice of the Beautiful One
beckons my attention
With his mercy and passion
He attracts my delight
In him there is peace
In him there is light
That illuminates my eyes
And satisfies my hunger
He lifts up my head and
awakes me from my slumber
As I echo the words
Of one of the first brothers to see
"Lord, to whom else would I go?
Only you've got the words of life for eternity"