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Day 2 - Workshop III

Right-Brain Preaching
Mark Batterson, National Community Church, D.C.

When signing up for workshops, I tried to diversify the speakers that I would hear. I didn't realize that Mark was leading my second and third workshops, but I am really glad that I was at both.

Before flooding us in practicals, Mark wanted to make sure that we - as the teachers of our church communities - remember this: we are nothing without the Holy Spirit. We must have God's favor. Yeah, we can manipulate people and get a rise in emotion through some creative twist on our sermon, but we should pray for God's favor. Simple, but great preface.

Mark started by giving us an introduction to neurology and the psychology of the brain. We are to love our God with all of our heart, soul and MIND.

Jesus was very creative in his preaching, often in parables of less than 250 words. God spoke in various ways at various times throughout history - he likes to keep it fresh and relevant.

Here's a nugget - "Creativity is not optional. It's stewardship."

Mark's communication motto - John 12.49 - God shows him what to say and how to say it - "content and packaging"

1. Big Idea - from the Ferguson brothers at CCC in Naperville, IL - "less is more" - the pressure of a bed of nails is diffused by a 1000 points, but one nail will stick it to ya.
2. Trailers - "the movie screen is the postmodern stain glass" - a movie trailer for your message will engage a theater-crazed culture.
3. Culture series - choose topical series that engage the culture. We live in a culture that is Biblically illiterate, but music and film literate - speak their language.
4. Cross Pollenation - "I believe that ever -ology is a branch of theology."
5. Get Demographics - understand your congregation's make-up and know what their needs are. Sometimes the message idea that is least voted for is the very one that they need to hear.
6. Sermon Props - Jesus used all kinds of objects from everday to give his message a punch, such as mustard seeds. "The most important truths must be communicated in the most unforgettable ways." anon.
7. Off-Site Sermons - get out from behind the pulpit and out into the world to teach. Video messages from the site of where you almost died in a car crash, for instance, can be powerful.
8. Sermon Branding - instead of calling the series "1 and 2 Timothy", call it "Potential"
9. Metaphors - find them and use them!
10. Pray - without it, numbers 1-9 are nothing.


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