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Looking for hope anywhere we can find it

Ever since my days of riding in a little red wagon in small town parades and campaigning for my grandpa's re-election to Randolph County Commissioner (an office he held for 19 years), I can remember being interested in politics. If anyone in the family was going to be a future political leader, it would have been my brother (my Dad still asks about how many years until Matthew will be President). Even so, I have been a political junkie to a degree, following Bill during my years in junior high and then Bush during high school and college.

But, I have never been as glued to the presidential race, or political process, as I have been during the course of the past few years, leading up to the 2008 race. When Bush claimed that we had victory in Iraq and I subsequently embarked on a six month study abroad excursion in South Africa, I had no idea how my views on politics, civil rights, peace, government, warfare and poverty (to name a few) would be challenged. As we unfortunately rememb…

Running To and Not From

I've been thinking about the lyrics of this song by The Avett Brothers the past two days.

The Weight of Lies

Disappear from your hometown
Go and find the people that you know
Show them all you good parts
Leave town when bad ones start to show
Go and wed a woman
A pretty girl that you’ve never met
Make sure she knows you love her well
But don’t make any other promises

The weight of lies will bring you down
And follow you to every town
Cause nothing happens here that doesn’t happen there
So when you run make sure you run
To something and not away from
Cause lies don’t need an aeroplane to chase you anywhere

I once heard the worse thing
A man could do is draw a hungry crowd
Tell everyone his name, pride, and confidence
But leaving out his doubt
I’m not sure I bought those words
When I was young I knew most everything
These words have never met so much to anyone
As they now mean to me

The weight of lies will bring you down
And follow you to every town
Cause nothing happens here that doesn’t happen there
So when…

Why We Fight

On Sunday night, I watched the film Why We Fight with my wife and some friends over at the Dawg Haus. It had been a film that I'd wanted to see ever since it was released a couple years ago, but I finally got around to watching it.

I am glad that I did.

Not that the content surprised me to a great extent, but more that it caused me to think more deeply about the ugliness of war and the "military-industrial complex" (coined by Eisenhower) that pervades the American landscape. Over the years, I have fluctuated greatly in my views on the topic of war: pre-emptive strikes, nuclear war, torture, just wars, policing and protecting the world, advancing "democracy", fighting for oil, et al. Largely, this stuff makes me sad and disturbed.

This film is not a documentary, per se; however, I am not sure that I've ever witnessed a true "documentary." Why We Fight is trying to make a point. There are interviews with prominent figures from pro and anti-war camps. I…

The Electoral Compass

Here is one site (among many) where you can answer some questions (36, I think) to see where you lie in relation to the Presidential candidates These things are helpful for seeing how you relate on the issues, but of course personality, character, leadership ability...all of these things are absent from a quiz like this. Fun, nonetheless. If you want to know where I fell, feel free to ask... :)