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Never ending

It's hard to imagine something that is never ending. Well, except for the Never Ending Story, of course. But, cheesy 80s movies aside, we are a very material people and, well, we all die. Every one who walks on this earth croaks. We like to think we're immortal, or at least we often live that way. So, when I stop - by choice or by force - and have one of those transcendent moments, it often takes me by surprise. I am sometimes so wrapped up in things of the material world, that I lose sight of the unseen. I had one of those transcendent moments this morning. One of my favorite authors once said that eternity is in the hearts of men. There is just some sense within us that there is a never-endingness within us. Not for this life, but for something greater.

I was reading Luke's account of the Gospel of Jesus Christ this morning. I was reading about this Jewish priest, named Zechariah. While performing the Jewish rituals in the Temple, he was visited by an angel. Crazy, I know…

Must Everything Change? Part III

In my last post, I ended by introducing what McLaren calls the "Suicidal Machine." The Machine is an image he uses that says the earth is a "machine" made up of three intertwined wheels that propel society: equity, prosperity and security. The machine consumes energy, mostly from the primary energy source of the sun and produces waste and heat. It is a very impersonal image, but through a very detailed discussion, he gets his point across.

He also introduces the idea of a "framing story," which guides humans, individually and collectively. Another way of describing this guiding paradigm could be a sort of "worldview." McLaren believes that the current framing story of the majority of society (he focuses on the American and North) is destructive, weak, unrealistic and dangerous and is consequently sending "the machine" on a suicide mission. If our framing story tells us that the goal of life is to live as individuals who can accumulate…

Ignited, Part III

I'm going to wrap up my review of Ignite...

Workshop 3 - Ed Courtney, "Teaching Well without Star Power"

-Ed is mostly an even-keeled speaker, with few voice inflections, but he'll make you laugh and he get his point across well
-He talked about how he always wanted to be a standup comic, but he didn't have the star power like his favorite comedian, Eddie Murphy. We watched a clip to remind us about how charasmatic that guy is. Then we contrasted him with Mitch Hedberg, a hilarious comedian (one of my personal favorites, but deceased), who speaks in a monotone voice, often looking down at his feet
-Don't let a lack of natural ability or charisma keep you from becoming an effective teacher
-Challenge yourself to grow in Preparation
-Preparing for a teaching, be it in small group or large group, is so important and it is no less spiritual. "I'd rather let the Holy Spirit work in me while preparing than going up there and winging it."
-Learn how to conne…

Writers are back

Leno and Letterman were back on last night for the first time since the strike. Presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee, was on Leno. It seems that he keeps popping up everywhere these days. From zero to hero?...

Part 2

Ignited, Part 2

I'm continuing my synopsis of the workshops and sessions that I attended at this past weekend's Ignite conference in Indy.

Main Session 3 - Mark Bowen, "Lifelong Joy in Ministry"

-Mark is basically hilarious. I don't think he tries to be, but he is so scatterbrained and distracted sometimes and then with the combination of his memorable laugh, it's just too much sometimes.
-Mark's talk was one of the most powerful that I had experienced in a good while. God grabbed me tightly and didn't let go.
-His opening thesis: "Joy in ministry (not as a career, but just as a called Christian) is found in laying down our rights, dreams and lives as an act of worship to God - no strings attached."
-Laying down your rights/No strings attached - very counter-American Christian
-What was the most important command? Jesus said to love God with all your being and to love your neighbor - so all our moves should be an act of worship to God
-Mark then walked through Ph…