Having Beat the Odds

Cardinals nation is still rejoicing over the recent world series victory (500,000 attended the victory party in STL...500,000! It's amazing how sports will unite so many people), and having been a lifelong Cards fan (see photo...my last minute halloween costume), I can say that it is sweet. I grew up bonding with my grandpa via our shared love for the Cardinals, but I was born three months after the last Cardinals' world series victory, so this is the first for my lifetime. And now as Roland pointed out to me, I have a five year cushion period in which it doesn't matter what the Cardinals do :) But, with Pujols leading the way, I can't imagine us not being in the mix come next year.

In other news, St. Louis was just today named the most dangerous city/metropolis in the United States of America. Did the Detroit Free Press have a hand in taking this poll?


The Miz or Hads if you prefer said...

Roland makes an excellent point. I would like to make one of my own. Cubs fans will have to endure for at least another 20 years and it won't matter whether or not we win. With this Cardinals Championship in the bag (congrats by the way) Cardinals fans will hang this over the heads of Cubs fans no matter what for the next 20 years. And I'll be 42 then. Yay.

Jonathan King said...

you don't have to fake it, Mike...I read your blog :) ask Amber, i am not hanging this over Cubs fans heads, in fact, i even told her last night that I would be happy to see the Cubs finally break the curse and win a world series.