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Future President of the USA?

If you live in Illinois and you haven't been hiding under a rock the past two years, you are likely familiar with the name Barack Obama...he is one of your senators after all. Even if you aren't from the great state of Illinois, you may very well remember him delivering the key note address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston. I just so happened to be living in Boston that summer, so I followed the convention very closely. Despite all the terrorist threats and Homeland Security color-coded warnings (it was orange, or mauve, or some color that is supposed to invoke fear and make us head for the hills), my brother and I survived and we even ventured down to the Convention to watch the picketers and the millions of armed forces trying to ward them off.

I listened to the freshman senator's address to the Democratic audience, and I have to say, he is one charismatic, confident and well-spoken individual. Let's be honest, his speech trumped any of the oth…

Say it ain't so, Illinois

Our corn-covered state is now home to a church in the small town of Harvey that is actually paying people to come to worship services (the first 75 people at least). For some reason, I get a feeling that Jesus might be overturning some money tables at this church. Or, there might not be any tables overturned at all...which should probably scare them even more.

Please note, this offer is only valid to those 16 and over. Seriously. It's in the article.


This morning I was reviewing some notes I had taken on Paul's first letter to the Corinthian church from a few months back, and I felt compelled to just share one passage and subsequent parallel passages (I don't like just grabbing verses out of context, I really don't, but I think these particular passages are fairly cut and dry) with you that really hit home on the subject of unity within Christ's body.

I was listening to a message by Rob Bell a couple days ago, and in it he was discussing Moses and Pharoah and why God would choose to work through a human man to free His people, the Israelites, and Rob used that scenario to springboard into a discussion of his belief that throughout history, since that moment in Egypt, God has been looking for a body to inhabit on this earth to display his glory and bring shalom to this earth. Today, after the resurrection of Christ, we the church are Christ's body and in order to reach a hurting, rebellious, lonely and hungry wo…

Inspire Me

It's that Time Again

One year ago, I was living the high life--litterally--in Estes Park, Colorado. About 8,750 feet to be precise. And in the midst of that outrageously beautiful place, I wound up training for a marathon. (I'm going to spare you the details, but if you want to know how I got myself into such a ridiculous endeavor, drop me a note) Seven of us battled the hills of Colorado to begin training for the Chicago and Indy marathons. Despite the fact that just a few short weeks prior to this, I would have told anyone that I never had any itentions of running a marathon, because sprinting was always my first love. But low and behold, we ran and we ran and we ran some more and in the third week of October I found myself in Indianapolis with Bemi and Nick to face that giant beast. It turned out to the be the one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I had two primary goals: no walking (except at the water stations) and a sprinting finish. God must have given me an extra dose of h…


Did we really need an AP poll to determine that we are an nation full of impatient people?

Nonetheless, it provides a good gut check and a chance to reflect on the value of patience. It appears to me that there are three types of situations when our patience is tested. First, you've got your garden variety supermarket patience tester. Picture it with roll up with your cart full of groceries and after carefully selecting the shortest line, inevitably the line you chose turns out to take the longest. The lady two spots in front of you can't figure out the touch pad technology, and then the next guy has some exotic food item that, of course, doesn't have a bar code and the cashier doesn't know the item off hand, thus necessitating a price check....we've all been there. We're always waiting, we sometimes feel, and if you're anything like me, you struggle with this because you can think of more "productive" things to be doing with your time. An…

Inspire Me

I 'd like to try something new. Because photography inspires me to such a great extent, I'm going to try and make that a focus of my blog posts once a week. Yeah, I usually have a photo with my posts that hopefully further drills home my thoughts, but I'm going to just put up a singular photo and see what kind of feedback comes through. This week's photo was taken last summer in Colorado (not that it has anything to do with Colorado :), and I tweaked it a bit in Photoshop. You can see other "inspire me" photos in my newly created Flickr's still small in quantity of photos.

Any inspiring thoughts from this photo? Do you know what the subject is? :)


Okay, I really enjoy food. I really enjoy eating. And I love the fellowship of eating a meal with family and friends. It's a gift from God really. But, let's be honest, restaurants give way too much food. Actually, I take that back. For as much as some of them charge, the portions may be okay. It's just that we (including myself quite often) don't have enough self-control to not inhale the 1500 calorie meals we find at American restaurants (i'm not going to toss around the "G" word). Am I not right? :) It's just a little discouraging that it took this long for the health people to finally do this study.

By the way, if you haven't seen SuperSize Me, I think you should. Unless you want to maintain the same image you currently have in your mind about American fast food, then don't :) It left the greatest impact on me of any movie I have watched recently. Note, there are a couple unnecessary scenes, but the overall message of the movie is worth y…

Never ending fun

Thanks to Christine One for opening my eyes to myheritage celebrity photo match...I'm easily amused :) It's not the most consistent thing, but fun nonetheless. Here are few photos I ran and some results.

73% Julia Roberts
72% Jerry Seinfeld


top matches:
Amber = 72% Julia Louis-Dreyfus (we've got the Seinfeld connection goin' on)
Ally = 64% Meryl Streep
me = 71% Fabio Cannavaro


64% Julia Roberts
63% Rivaldo...?? At least it's not Geraldo


top matches:
Dan = 54% Magic Johnson
Fred = 57% Hideki Matsui
me = 73% Robin Wright Penn...why do I get stuck being the girl and Fred and Dan get to be the athletes?


top matches:
my sis = 74% Shiri Appleby
me = 73% Jason Biggs

Setting Cars on Fire

Okay, warning. I'm going to get a little sentimental. Yeah, I know the title wouldn't lead one to think so, but it's coming, just wait.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987), it's a movie that many of us have seen. And what a great movie it is. Despite the cheesy 80s music a certain moments, it's gotta be in my top 15. John Candy makes this movie.

If you haven't seen it, I'll try and give you a brief synopsis. Steve Martin is attempting to get home to Chicago for Thanksgiving and much to his chagrin, he finds himself on a plane to Chicago, sitting next to John Candy, the very guy who stole a cab from Martin at the beginning of the movie. In the hilarity that ensues, Martin and Candy attemp to get to Chicago via, well, planes, trains and automobiles. Martin starts out by unabashedly informing Candy about how incredibly annoying he is and what a big mouth he has, in addition to his snoring, annoying antics, etc. After the series of unfortunate events and int…

To Be a Kid

This morning, I was taking some time alone at a nearby park, sitting under a shade tree beside the lake, with a nice cool breeze and the sounds of kids playing soccer and birds chirping nearby. And as I sat there, in the shade of the tree, having just read a passage from Isaiah and watching a father and a son trying to catch some fish, I got to thinking about God and his power and greatness and our short lives here on earth and how much awe and wonder we should have for his awesomness. I was really struck about the great degree to which I feel that many of us in America have lost our sense of wonder; not entirely, but in the grind of our hectic lifestyles, I think so. Have we become too sunk in a consumer culture of convenience and technology?

Jesus said that in order to enter into the kingdom of God, we must become like little children, and it seems to me that a big part of the makeup of little kids is their sense of wonder, awe and wide-eyed faith. I listened to a great talk rec…

My Intake

I thought I'd try something new and relay to you my intake for the week.

Memorial Day weekend included a wedding in Chi-Town for my cousin, John, and his new bride, Stacey. It's my second wedding of the season, both taking place in very different settings. John and Stacey were married at St. James Lutheran church, the oldest chuche in Chicago.

At the reception, my Aunt Cora, whom I have blogged about previously, graciously agreed to have a dance with me and as we were showing off our stuff, I told her, "All the guys are looking at me. They must just be jealous because I've got the best looking date on the floor." Aunt Cora quips, "Well, wait til I tell the guys at the Senior Center."

Last night, I headed out to Barrington, IL to an AMC 30 (yes, 30!!), right smack-dab next to Willow Creek, for the premier of two Nooma videos. If you haven't seen any before, Noomas are short films that illuminate a relevant topic for our everday lives and truth from …