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Manuel Uribe, from Mexico, weighs approximately 1200 pounds. You might just have to see it to believe it. In preparation for his surgery, he said, "I'm trying to reduce my weight a bit right now so I can be in the right condition for the operation."

To completely shift gears, I think you should check out the Mocha Club, a division of African Leadership. The team, Jambo 13:16, was started by a friend and our focus is on orphans. Coffee drinker or not, if you have any interest in helping to make a direct impact, a visit to the website will be worth your time. I fall in the "or not" category myself, unless I'm terribly tired then maybe some sugar-packed rocket fuel in the form of a cappacino is nice.. The Mocha Club was initiated by musician (and U of I alumnus) Matt Wertz after a visit to Khayalitsha, part of the Cape Flats in Cape Town, South Africa (I can attest to some of what he experienced there). I won't say any more. You'll have to form an opinion about it yourself.<


Ally said…
"You'd think when you got to, i don't know, a thousand pounds you'd call for help."
Alan said…
JK, mymany I love getting a change to peek in on you and yourlife in MTD. keep up the good work for the sake ofthe good word. You're in my thoughts bro
Anonymous said…
I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!

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