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Let it Rain

What a spectacular glimpse of the glory and artistic genius of our Creator! The downpours are worth being weathered for the peace that emerges in the end. My head has gotten a little wet over the past few weeks, as I've been trying to persevere through the task of raising support to enter into a full-time career as a laborer for God's Kingdom. I'm not even two months in and I've heard the thunder more than once. At moments, I've wanted to pack my bags and leave rainy season for the beach, but Christ reigns supreme over all things...including this mess I find myself in now. It's a journey of faith and self-denial, but we've gotta just keep on keepin on... "Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things." -Paul, Letter to the Colossians

Humor, Taxes and being 93

Aunt Cora is an incredible woman. At 93 (don't tell her I said so), she's more active than many 60 or 70 year olds I know. I had the joy of driving her to the eye doctor this week and despite the fact that her good ear is on her right side, making conversation in the car when I am driving a bit difficult, we had many laughs. She is incredibly intelligent, witty, agile and genuinely fun to be around for a woman who is 93 years young. You honestly leave her presence feeling better about life, having encountered such a venerable, God-fearing, wise woman with a heckuva lot more life experience than you or I combined.

Two prime examples.

Recently (one or two years ago?), she locked herself out of her house on accident (again, you don't have to mention that to her). But, shoot, that's no obstacle. She just found a ladder and crawled in through a window.

Today, my parents, my sis, Aunt Cora and I went out for a round of coffee at the local coffeeshop, where we enjoyed conversa…

Dreaming of Africa

A couple days back, I randomly found myself at the website of Iris Ministries, an interdenominational mission in Mozambique, one of the poorest countries in the world. I got engulfed in the website, reading about their work of ministering to the poor of the southeastern African nation, and about how God is turning hearts to him.

Two days later, I found myself once again intertwined with mission work in Africa. It was just today, actually. I spent the afternoon visiting with Bob & Alene Holloway, from Sparta, who have been doing mission work in Malawi for the past 10 years. Alene has worked closely with the medical mission at Embangweni and Bob has done some great work to help the locals with agricultural needs, involving soybeans, soy milk, wells, construction and more. Bob showed me this snazzy soy milk machine that churns out six cups of soy milk, which he has introduced them to. Soy milk provides the much needed protein that young kids need for maximum potential growth and the l…

The Least

"I had been entrusted with the task of preaching the gospel to the Gentiles...all [James, Peter and John] asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do." Paul, Letter to the Galatians

Fred, Ritish and I sat in Espresso Royale, on Daniel St., discussing myriad topics, but once we found ourselves hovering over the topic of poverty, we were unable to shake it. I had mentioned that I was interested in reading Jeffrey Sachs' The End of Poverty, and no more than it rolled off my tongue, did Ritish perk up and inform us that he was in the midst of finishing it himself. The three of us began talking about the life of Jesus and how he didn't miss a beat when it came to subverting the social order of his day in order to love the poor--the expendables, if you will. Check it out for yourself. Mark gives some amazing accounts of Jesus doing this. Here's just one example. Jesus' greatest commandment was to Love, yet how ofte…

Google Phot Blog

Here's the down low on this blog entry. The idea is to give a new perspective on yours truly by providing images only. I went to Google Images and typed in various pieces of personal info (see below), and selected my favorite image from the FIRST page of results, otherwise I'd still be searching as we speak. Hey, just another creative outlet that I enjoy. Don't thank me, I got it from JR ...

first and last name


current place of residence (i cheated a bit, it's where i am moving to)

favorite smell

favorite drink

place you enjoy the most

favorite song

favorite food

grandmother's full name (i used my paternal grandmother's name...more fun)

Cute Little Buger

Yeah, yeah...I'm a proud uncle. My parents and I just spent the weekend visiting Tim & Melissa and little Isabelle. Have you ever seen a more beautiful little girl? She's the pride of the family these days. Definitely an Illini fan, too, much to her Ohio State-loving mom's dismay :) Just check out the proof below from Saturday when we were watching the NCAA tourne. She's totally enthralled. Many tears were shed in the Illini's early exit from the Big Dance...

Waste Not

It's amazing how significantly music influences what I decide to write. Right now, I'm listening to Ray Lamontagne. A little soul. Good beat. Easy on the ears. I have no agenda with this post, I just felt that I was due. It's a creative outlet, and I find myself looking for such outlets more and more these days as I am living at home in grand ole Sparta, Illinois. Already over the past 6 weeks as I've been back in the old stomping ground, here in the home of the 1967 academy award-winning In the Heat of the Night, I've had much to face.

Throughout this adventure of raising a support team in order to return to the U of I campus as a missionary with Great Commission Ministires, I've had to ask the question, "Who is Jonathan King?" Maybe I dont' look in the mirror repeating these words, but there are bound to be times in all of our lives when we must face ourselves. My six months in southern Africa was one such time. This is another. I grew …

What's Behind Your Eyelids?

at first glance, this could seem to really contradict this whole "wide-eyed" business, but work with me, people... :)
there's more to this life than meets the eye, i think. i tried to write a poem that captured this idea once. i'll spare you the details, but i will say this. the physical world that greets our eyes can sometimes be deceiving. granted, i'll be the first guy to tell you that i think creation shouts that there was a brilliant artist who drempt up this masterpiece that we call the "the universe"...from a smile, to a sunset, to a majestic mountain peak, to an autumn leaf, to even the genius of the eyeball, the revelation of God in us and around us is astounding. but, what happens when we pause, close our eyes and imagine that which lies beyond what our physical eyes can grasp? there is so much that is written between the lines that sometimes what I see physically confuses me, or better even, distracts me, from truth and life. we certainl…