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I want to help people live!

Thank you, Eugene. You helped me live. 

And now, though your body lays at rest in the sleep of death, your life and legacy of "practicing resurrection" in Christ remains, as we all await the final resurrection at our Lord's return.

I first read Under the Unpredictable Plant eight years ago (Coincidentally, to day of my son's birthday. I inscribed the date on the inside cover - October 27, 2010).

Peterson traces the life of Jonah as a parable for the journey of "vocational holiness" for his principle audience: pastors (shepherds) - an audience for whom Peterson served as sort of a "shepherd's shepherd." Though I've never held the title of "pastor" and have my own baggage with that moniker, if I'm honest, my sense of vocation in this world closely aligns with Peterson's self-identified dual vocation as pastor and writer.

(Which evokes a critical question for me, and for contemporary society where the term "pastor&quo…

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