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Interpreting the difficulties and obstacles we face

In the midst of a difficult day recently, I shot off to Amber: "I feel like God is opposing me today." I felt sick, I had no motivation to do some work which I felt "urgently" needed to be completed, I felt anxious and couldn't focus. I had awoke that morning feeling a need to spend time in prayer that day, but I had avoided the nudge.

I have things to do. Important things, right?

So, when I couldn't get said "things" accomplished that day, my thoughts drifted back to that early morning nudge toward prayer. I rashly concluded that God was "opposing" my speediness toward productivity and avoidance of spiritual practices - that is, avoidance of his presence. The word "oppose" is what came to my vocabulary.

Amber responded, "Why do you say oppose? Maybe he is pursuing you?"


We have a real enemy who wants us to doubt God. Is he really for you? Is he really for you? Is he really for you?

Yes, he disciplines his c…

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